Some Company

New friends a robot ūü§Ė¬†
Bought him off the late night tv machine 
Called up this stranger 
He said ‚Äėhey! Buy one get one for free‚Äô¬†
These guys will wash your clothes while they cook you dinner for three 
I said but what if I just need 
A little company? 
He said no problem 
I run dating sites with match guarantees 
Whatcha into? 
Big buff, clean cut, or more care free? 
No lie they’ll wine and dine your wildest fantasy 
I said but what if just need 
A little company? 
He transferred me to his sister 
Misfit with a doctor degree 
5 minutes into talking 
And She was diagnosing me 
Stage 4 lonely 
this pricey pill will set you free 
I said but what I just need 
a little company? 
So I hung up the phone 
turned off my old Shitty tv 
Grabbed a flannel 
and started the search for my keys 
Out the drive into the night 
Looking for a heart like mine 
Oh cause I think I may just need 
A little company

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