There’s no goin Back

It’s cool if you can’t handle it 

My weirder side can be a bit 

Rough around the edges, to say the very least 

Never gonna shake the wild, living with the beast 

Scratching at the walls til it breaks thru the skin 

Heart first like a child chasing after a win 

Don’t mean nothing by it.. prob means I love you more 

If you’re close enough to catch debris you’re what I’m fighting for 

Me myself and I, filtering my mind 

I don’t wanna cause more pain trying to survive 

when I miss the mark, I circle back to find 

Unexpected casualties counting out my crimes 

With no way to change it I try to re-examine 

My walk my talk for any flaws and then I just imagine 

How today would look if I chose another path 

Then pack that lesson and keep running cause there’s no goin back

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