I’ve had enough but what am I gonna do? 
Just give up? 
Well that’s a sure fire way to lose 

Born to dream bigger than my situation 
Filter my words but don’t believe in hesitation 
Most times it’s good…


How ya doin? Better and better

How ya doin? Better and better 
Been tryin to get my shit together 
Storm clouds in waves, terrible weather 
Kept me away but nothins forever 
May slow to a crawl when my backs to the wall 
But times never stopped…


Too intense

#toointense .. sure #thatsme 
But I don’t know how else to be 
Tried to tame it but it just got worse 
Guess I pissed off the #freak that came first 
Don’t matter if I wear her on the out or…


Some Company

New friends a robot 🤖 
Bought him off the late night tv machine 
Called up this stranger 
He said ‘hey! Buy one get one for free’ 
These guys will wash your clothes while they cook you dinner for three 


She’s vegan

She’s #vegan 
Loves #Jesus 
And braidin #hippiehair in the sun 
Digs #bluegrass 
But #rock too 
Hell baby it’s whatever you want 

Pretty much nothin to argue with 
Finally found a 10 out of 10 
But if she’s so great…


Fuck the police

“Tell me bout you’re angry now 
Now that it burnt your city down 
Cryin cause you lost somethin Physical shit you can build again 
Where’s the resurrection 
for the victims of your oppression 

Don’t wanna think 
fuck the…


Missed opportunities

Riot gear beating and shooting 
kids cryin mace in the streets 
Shot in the back while running away 
that statement alone should make you break 

Break away 
from the same old way of thinking 
Break away 
from the killing…


When I ran into you

 Shrapnel from a past life gives away my position 
Lodged Inside my heart where I make the big decisions 

He can’t see it but I can feel it pull 
Sitting on my hands tryin to stay cool