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Step 1: Download OBS Studio

-your blank black screen is your "Scene" and you want to add things like audio, video and a chat box which OBS calls "Sources"

-to add your video go to the sources section and hit the plus sign

select video capture device and select the camera you would like to use as your webcam. Organize the video in your scene however you like by dragging it or pulling the can also right click it and hit properties to adjust the shape.

then add another source for your audio the same way but click audio capture device. This won't have a visual presence to organize though.

Step 2: go to  and create an account

-its free unless you want to connect your Facebook artist/business page.

-scroll down and connect all your socials

-then right below the video screen there's a "stream key." You want to copy that and then go back to OBS Studio and hit settings in the bottom right just above exit. Then click "Streaming" on the left side. from the dropdown select Restream and then paste your stream key there. from now on when you click start streaming on OBS it will go straight to Restream in that video window and straight out to socials selected below it.

-Now! on the left side of your Restream window click the little icon that looks like a chat box. You can download it or just open in a new window.

hit settings within the chat and adjust the appearance how you like. then hit the embed tab on the left and copy that url.

head back to OBS Studio and click the plus sign to add a new source

select browser source

erase the url that's there and paste this one and your chat will appear. right click it and select properties to change its shape. drag the corners to change its size. Organize it with your video!

Step 3:Go to and create a profile

connect your paypal*** forgot to mention in video but gotta do it and its easy just give em your PayPal email.

Now on the left click the menu drop down and then click my overlays

you don't have any yet so make a new blank one

the green space is transparent so add cool photo or logo for your back ground. maybe another one of your logo in the corner. and keep in mind this will all be one piece with your video and chat box on top of it in OBS.

Now hit widgets! This is fun. I just added a simple alert box but you can do a tip glass or countdown or follower goal.....

my alert box pops up and says when ppl tip if they use my associated link. so I share that link with the stream. that way they get a little recognition and can add notes to their tips.

once youre done making it awesome hit save then hit launch

copy that url and head back to OBS

add it as a browser source just like that chat box then adjust it til you like it, to make your video and chat appear on top instead of behind it drag them down in your sources list. they are layers

now youre ready! hit start streaming and boom baby. 


or click the image for tip window!

or click the image for tip window!

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